After Typepad, service was down this weekend

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This is a difficult week for social software systems!

Typepad, one of the blogging tool from Six Apart , was down for several hours on Friday (approx 15-20 hrs)
Now, it is the turn of, the social bookmarking manager, that just got bought by Yahoo! has been down since 8pm PST yesterday and was back online early today.

More info on the blog

Yahoo! Research Labs–Berkeley and SIMS Garage Cinema

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Marc Davis, who I met at CHI 2005, will head Yahoo! Research Lab – Berkeley, a mobile multimedia lab colaboration between Yahoo! Research and the University of California – Berkeley.

He will continue to lead the Garage Cinema Research Lab of the School of Information Management and Systems (SIMS) at the University of California – Berkeley.

It will be interesting to see how Garage Cinema research in media metadata, context-aware mobile media applications, automated media capture & editing or social uses of personal media can be transfered to Yahoo!. Applications coming out of Garage Cinema include the MReplay mobile TV service and the MMS cameraphone picture service.

To know more Garage Cinema Research Lab work, check these publications: