I will be attending Ubicomp 2005 in Tokyo, Japan from Sept 11 to 14 ( as a student volunteer).

Here are some of the presentations from the paper program I will be attending:

  • From Interaction to Participation: Configuring Space Through Embodied Interaction
    Amanda Williams (University of California, Irvine), Eric Kabisch (University of California, Irvine), Paul Dourish (University of California, Irvine) — Sept 14th 10:45 am

  • Scanning Objects in the Wild: Assessing an Object Triggered Information System
    A.J. Bernheim Brush (Microsoft Research), Tammara Combs Turner (Microsoft Research), Marc A. Smith (Microsoft Research), Neeti Gupta (Microsoft Research) — Sept 14th 11:10 am
  • Control, Deception, and Communication: Evaluating the Deployment of a Location-Enhanced Messaging Service
    Giovanni Iachello (Georgia Institute of Technology), Ian Smith (Intel Research Seattle), Sunny Consolvo (Intel Research Seattle), Gregory D. Abowd (Georgia Institute of Technology), Jeff Hughes (University of Washington), James Howard (University of Washington), Fred Potter (University of Washington), James Scott (Intel Research Cambridge), Timothy Sohn (University of California, San Diego), Jeffrey Hightower (Intel Research Seattle), Anthony LaMarca (Intel Research Seattle) — Sept 13th 16:00
  • Self-Mapping in 802.11 Location Systems
    Anthony LaMarca (Intel Research Seattle), Jeffry Hightower (Intel Research Seattle), Ian Smith (Intel Research Seattle), Sunny Consolvo (Intel Research Seattle) — Sept 13th 09:00 am

See also: Ubicomp 2005 demo: u-texture